Add an interment

The process of adding an interment to a plot.

How to Add an Interment

  • Select first the plot that would have a new interment.


  • Ensure that you are logged in as a cemetery administrator.

  • Click "ALL PLOTS"

  • Click "FILTER"

  • If new internment and would be placed under a vacant plot.

    • Select "VACANT" then click "DONE"


  • On the sidebar, it should reflect the plots that are currently vacant.


  • Same process if you are adding an interment from an occupied plot.

  • Select the plot.

    • Click "ADD INTERMENT"

      • Fill out the Deceased Person's form.

      • Fill out the Interment Details form.

      • You may also add documents related to the interment. (maximum file size is 8mb)

      • You can also add Next of Kin, Funeral Minister and Funeral Director.