Interment Edits

The process of updating or editing an existing plot details


How to make Edits in an existing plot.

  1. From the Edit Interment page. If you could kindly scroll down to the bottom section of the screen. You would see under Interment details and its required fields.

    Not all current records would have these data available in the current app. You may fill out the field by placing temporary information like if the interment is a burial or a cremation and you can also add depth of the interment.

2. Upon, filling out the form. The "Save" button should now visible.

  1. After the details in the Edit Interment has been saved. Kindly click again the "Save" button in the Edit plot page. After saving, it would automatically direct you back to the cemetery map.

    There would be a note at the bottom left part of the page that would say that the edits have been successful.