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Adding additional users

This is a guide on how to add a user to access the cemetery administrator interface.

  1. Please login to your cemetery user access.

  2. Click on the map icon as highlighted in the image


  3. On the side panel bar; you would see the cemetery details. Click "Access"


  4. You will be directed to the Access or User Role page. There you would see which email used for the cemetery organisation and the list of users and their user types that have access to the cemetery management account.


  5. Type in the email address of the user you will be adding to the organisation. Select the type of role or access you are allowing the new user to have.

    To review the type of user roles; please visit this link

  6. Once done, an email invite will be sent to the new user prompting them to create a password.

  7. The page would automatically direct you to the main cemetery map view.