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How to get your community to find your cemetery online, use Chronicle deceased search and map, and write a Life Chronicle

Make it searchable online

  1. If you have a website, make sure to link Chronicle map and records search.

    You can create a submenu in your website for “Deceased Search”.



  2. Ask your council to put Chronicle map link in the Gov. website.



  1. Make use of Google Maps Listing

    Most people use search engines like Google when they search for cemetery information, and Google Maps is the most used to find locations and also GPS-guided directions.

    Go to Google My Business to create a location or claim your cemetery (if it’s already listed on Google maps).

    To create and manage your Google business (including the google maps location), visit and follow the simple instructions. Google will send you a postcard with a verification code to your business address. After it’s verified or claimed, you can start managing the Google business listing.


    After that, you can put your Chronicle map URL in Google Maps website.


  2. Fill in your Chronicle page with an informative description of your cemetery.

    Google crawl and ranks websites by how useful and relevant it is to people who search on them. You can write a little background about your cemetery and explain what people can do on your Chronicle page. If you have a historical or famous person’s grave in the cemetery, you can also mention them (or create a historic walking tour). Some useful keywords: “deceased search”, “plot location”, “records search”, “cemetery records”, “cemetery plot”.

    Example format:

    Cemetery ABC records and deceased search.

    Cemetery ABC is located in DEF City, Australia. Here you can find Catholic Cemetery sections, Methodist Cemetery sections, Anglican Cemetery sections, Salvation Army cemetery sections, as well as Crematorium Walls. You can do a deceased search by typing in the name or plot number in the search box and it will show you the burial plot, name, and plot number. When you are in the cemetery and have activated the GPS location, it will detect and show your location on the map, and you can be directed to the plot you select. You can see the status of the plot by the colour code. The vacant plots will appear in Green, the Occupied plots in Blue, and the Reserved plots in Yellow.

    You can also do a historic walking tour by clicking the link below.

    Start ABC Cemetery historic walking tour.

    Some example:


Encourage people to use your Cemetery’s Chronicle page

Encourage your community to use Chronicle map and record for deceased search. Once they found the record of the deceased person, a banner will pop out on their screen, also they can see the purple-coloured button “Write a Life Chronicle” and they will be encouraged to submit a Life Chronicle for their loved ones.

How it will appear when they do a deceased search on Chronicle:


  1. Announce to your community that now they can do a deceased search online and write a Life Chronicle. You can use websites, social media, Facebook Groups, community bulletin boards or newsletter. Some cemeteries have advised their local newspapers and radio stations too.

  2. Put the Chronicle URL link or QR Code in your cemetery signage. This is very effective for the people who visit your cemetery, they don’t need to go to the admin office asking for a plot location. Chronicle offers a Cemetery Signage Design for our customers. Click here to read more about it. <>

    Example of signage: