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Life Chronicle for Cemetery Admin

How to approve Life Chronicle

If you have received Life Chronicle submissions, you will receive a single summarised email daily with the subject “[Chronicle] Review Story”. Then by clicking the link in the email, you will be redirected to the Life Chronicle dashboard to read and approve/decline the submissions.

  • Example email


Accessing the Life Chronicle dashboard

You will also be notified of Life Chronicle submissions when you access your Chronicle cemetery dashboard. On the left you will see “Life Chronicle for Approval” then click the number to open the dashboard for viewing and approving the submitted Life Chronicle's.


Life Chronicle dashboard

Here at the “Life Chronicle” dashboard, you will see the stories that were submitted and need to be approved. In the Waiting for Approval tab, you will find a list of stories submitted by the public.


Approving or Declining submissions

If you click “Approve” the story will instantly be made public. The customer will be notified via email that their Life Chronicle is live.

If you click “Reject”, you will be prompted to give a reason. This reason will be sent to the submitter and they will be encouraged to re-submit the Life Chronicle with consideration to your feedback. If rejected the submitter will instantly receive a full refund.


What happens if I reject a Life Chronicle? You will be prompted to give a reason and write a small note to the submitter. We encourage you to write a helpful note that will allow the Life Chronicle to be re-submitted with your suggested changes. The user will then be notified via email and automatically refunded in full. The reply email will include the reason it was declined.

Some reasons you might choose to decline a Life Chronicle are inappropriate content, obscene language or other similar reasons.

How and when do we receive our share of the revenue? The cemetery receives 40% of all Life Chronicle revenue. This will be paid quarterly to your nominated bank account. A payment receipt will also be sent.