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Life Chronicle - Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  1. Who owns the copyright of the Life Chronicle?

    The content creator (purchaser) holds the responsibility of copyright.

  2. Can we extend the timeline of 5 days for reviewing the submitted Life Chronicle?

    Not currently. This might be implemented in future if highly requested.

  3. Can we customise the price of the Life Chronicle for our cemetery in case we want to charge more?

    It's actually (only) $49 to add a Life Chronicle in the US (and $65 in Australia). I chatted to our developers about making it customisable per cemetery. They said it could be possible if it is requested by more cemeteries. My idea for the pricing was to set it at the point that it is almost a "no-brainer" so that we can quickly have many Life Chronicles added to each cemetery and so build that rich history within. If we receive feedback that it makes sense to raise the prices then we certainly will.

  4. Is the US$49/AUD$65 fee for one-time access to post a Life Chronicle, with the editing door closing once the user has committed? Or can the user add more content and pictures for let's say the next 30 days, or forever.

    For now, once the user clicks submit they don't have easy access to edit it again. It's possible that they can send an email to to request changes. In the future, we will have a user login for each person who submits a Life Chronicle, so they can manage the post themselves.

  5. Can other relatives or friends join in creating a joint Life Chronicle or does each family member who wants to contribute something have to purchase one? Along the same lines, can multiple life Chronicles be associated with a single particular burial plot?

    For now, each person must post a new Life Chronicle and pay the $49 again. Yes, multiple can be added to the same interment. In the future we plan to allow the purchaser to invite others to post their memories and stories, so we can truly build a Life Chronicle of the deceased. This will be part of the upgrade allowing users to login and manage their posts.

  6. Can a child remember both parents in a 'joint' Life Chronicle (associated with both parents plot? (Maybe the rule would have to be adjacent plots?)

    That's an interesting suggestion. We don’t support a joint Life Chronicle. Instead, they could add a URL link to the other interment in Chronicle, allowing the user to jump between each post.

  7. Is there a limit as to the digital size of a Life Chronicle?

    5Mb per image uploaded, up to a maximum of 10 images.

  8. Are links allowed in a Life Chronicle?

    Yes. They can add links to external sites and also to other interments in the cemetery. By linking to other interments in the cemetery, the Life Chronicle can reference other family stories.

  9. What type of agreement is entered into with the families/purchaser?

    The purchaser of the Life Chronicle is buying a product from Chronicle and therefore entering an agreement with us. The Terms and Conditions will be accessible during the purchase process.

  10. What happens if the cemetery operator moved to a different software platform?

    If the cemetery is no longer a customer of Chronicle, then the Life Chronicle will no longer be accessible online. The digital data will be sent to the purchaser for their records. We will not be able to give refunds.