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Life Chronicle for Public

Create heartfelt online memorials to honour your loved ones that will be cherished by generations to come and is linked to their final resting place. With Life Chronicle, there is something that lives on after death.

How To Submit “Life Chronicle”

  1. Click Write a Life Chronicle on the interment.



  2. Now fill in your contact details and click Next to proceed.


  3. Type the life story that you want for the interment that you select. you can input links, bold, italic and underline the text if you want, and also add maximum 6 images for interment story.


  4. Do review your story once again, make sure you have no typo in it.



  1. Make sure you checked the Agree to terms and condition to proceed to the payment page.


  2. Input your card number below to pay the story. We are using Stripe service to process your payment.


  3. When your payment is successful, you will receive the notification below, and an email plus payment invoice for Life Chronicle you submitted.


Life Chronicle Published

  1. Once the cemetery approves the Life Chronicle it will immediately be published publicly.


  2. Read the full text in an expanded window by clicking your Life Chronicle.



How can I submit a life chronicle? Find your loved one on Chronicle and click “Write a Life Chronicle”.

What is the payment method? Payments are processed online using your credit card.

When will my Life Chronicle be published? Within five days of your submission. The cemetery administration have final say over all published Life Chronicle’s to the cemetery. Your Life Chronicle will be sent to them for review first before being made public.

The cemetery administration will have five days to review and approve your submission. If it is not reviewed within five days then it will be automatically published.

What if my Life Chronicle submission is declined? You will be notified via email and refunded in full if the cemetery administration declines your submission. The reply email will include the reason it was declined. You are welcome and encouraged to submit the Life Chronicle again with any included changes.

Some reasons your Life Chronicle might be declined are: inappropriate content, obscene language or other similar reasons.