All Categories Relase Notes Release Update v0.11.7- August 25, 2022

Release Update v0.11.7- August 25, 2022

Bug fixes

  • Fix: Generate reports for Demo Cemetery when user is cemetery manager

  • Fix: PDF format of Inventory summary, Activity summary and business on report feature

  • Fix: Documents uploaded to the software from CSV import file

Improvement features:

  • Headstone inscription field as a text box

  • Changes cemetery photo to plot photo, zoom to bound (cemetery map), zoom out 1 level (locality map) in pdf report

  • Changes separator column for import, backup and report on csv files

  • Add direct link to plot from event viewer

  • Add new column in csv file story (Life Chronicle) for plot id

New features:

  • Add a new responsible person on event

  • Assign business partner on event

  • Add new import and backup for Life Chronicle

  • Improvement on importing geoJson by wiping geoJson only

  • Events calendar can show events across all organisation cemeteries